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About Us


OPS Ltd was established in 1999 as a provider of outsourced Human Resource (HR) and Personnel Management services and we provide services to wide range of clients operating in a diverse industries including:

Our HR Managers have extensive experience providing services to small and medium-sized businesses across a wide variety of industry sectors including business consultancy, business services, design and construction, engineering, facilities management, financial services, hotels and pubs, information technology, insurance, retail, trade associations and transport as well as the not for profit sector.

OPS about us

Led by Sean Molyneaux, an HR practitioner with over 25 years of experience in Human Resources in “Blue Chip” companies and SMEs, our team of HR Managers and administration staff focusses primarily on the needs of employers' primarily in London, the South and South-East England although we have clients with businesses in Northern Ireland, Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Irish Republic. Location is not an issue to us and we support clients geographically spread around the country.

We are highly experienced in working at the “sharp end” of HR; we can help you:

We are fully supported by a team of associate HR consultants and specialists in HR systems, health & safety, employment law, finance, occupational health, training, pensions and employment benefits.

OPS about us

Why Us?


In our highly regulated employment environment with legislation covering virtually every aspect of employment from recruitment to termination, employee headcount is irrelevant. All employers regardless of their size are faced with the same obligations, increasing legislative demands and greater regulatory compliance posing increased risk and an ever greater burden on their administrative and management resources.

How confident are you that your contracts of employment are up to date and appropriate to your business’ needs? Do your employment contracts clearly define the entitlements and obligations of the employer and employee?

Do you have employment procedures in place covering statutory rights such as discipline, grievances, flexible working requests and maternity leave?

Do you have rules and policies in place to protect your business such as sickness absence notification, internet use, harassment and bullying and using personal vehicles on business?

Have you established effective employment policies and procedures to manage and administer your employees such as identity checks, contract variations, payroll changes, absence records and appraisals?

OPS why us

We support you by ensuring that:

We help you by giving you the knowledge, expertise and support to manage employees efficiently, effectively, ensuring you are complaint with legislation and that risks from legal action and employment tribunals are minimised.